Chic Soul Music is the brainchild of Sheree Hicks, a singer, songwriter vocal arranger and producer of music. To most who know her, in their minds, she is an undercover legend. She is most known for her ability to create melodies, background harmonies and vocal arrangements. She has been involved in music professionally for about 20 years. She has touched on just about every genre and has published recordings for herself on Universal Records, as well as other artists including Black Street, Heavy D, and C&C Music Factory just to name a few. As of lately, she has released many house music EPs and has had most of her singles hit the top 20 on traxsource soulful house charts.


Fast forwarding to recent times, Sheree hit the house music scene approximately 4 short years ago and quickly became noticed by the "who's who" of house music, establishing many music relationships. She's collaborated with the likes of Josh Milan of Honey Comb Music, N'Dinga Gaba of Global Diplomacy, Beloved Tennant of BPM Records, Jihad Muhammad, Soledrifter, Scott Diaz, Sean Ali of Sounds of Ali, DJ Pope, Terry Hunter, Mike Dunn, Flaviano Lanzi, Audio Jacker. Federico Scavo, Pezzner, Tommy Vee, Luca Guerrieri, Ronn Carrol, Emilio Hernandez, Damond Ramsey, DJ Spen, Funklovers, Vic Lavendar, Marcus Jakes, Chris Nigel, Marcus Knight, Stacy Kidd, and Milty Evans just to name a few.


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