Welcome to the new ChicSoulMusic site!

Hello to all of my friends, family, supporters and patrons. I would like to welcome each of you from around the world to the new home of Chic Soul Music (CSM). For the past few years, you have gotten to know and accepted me in the house music genre with opened arms for the most part as an artist and I appreciate each of you for that. I have allowed myself to make mistakes as well as allowed myself to grow as an artist, singer, songwriter, business woman and as a person. It has always been important for me to do and give my very best, no matter what it is i'm doing and whom I'm doing it with, I have no respect of persons. Please know that it continues on from here, nothing changes in that regard. Most of the first releases from Chic Soul Music, will be of myself with producers that I vibe with and I hold at a high regard for their undeniable talent, creativity, and for our chemistry together. I believe in giving credit where it's due and giving people chances who put the work in who really deserve it.

I am so proud to have my first release with DJ Pope, formerly of Chicago but currently a Baltimorian. He has been in the game for years and is a seasoned veteran in my opinion. He has been a wonderful team player in helping musically with getting this label off the ground with our 1st release, "Keeping My Composure." Please become familiar with all that we have to offer. I chose two of the best in the business for the remixes of the first single, DJ Beloved of BPM, which we have a wonderful tune together that's making some noise at this time called "Forever One," as well as the man I started with in house music, Mr Sean Ali of Sounds of Ali, yes we have gotten "Back Together Again" musically for our 1st collaboration in about a year! All of the CSM releases will be here first for the early birds, before hitting any of the major download stores.

You can always expect positive energy, updates on releases, good music, videos, photos and bi-weekly mixes by some of my favorite and creative DJs. Before I close, there are a few people I would like to thank for directly assisting me in the many ways they have, making this dream come true for me, starting with my mother, Belinda Hicks, my daughters, Armani and Lailah, DJ Pope Original Mix, DJ Beloved of BMP Messing Around Remix, DJ Sean Ali SOA Remix, Corey MunkJulius, Bill Richardson, Brad, Axes Studios, Marc Evans my partner from Distant Souls, DJ Tony Jakks, Paul Taylor, Joey K Kirby, Yolanda Jenkins-Grayer, Landis Cosmetics, Sonya of Gina Styles, Alex Alexander logo, Pennjamin Bannekar for cover design, Adam Cruz web design, DJ Tony Dennis first mix, and for each of you who genuinely support my efforts and sent messages of congratulations! Get comfortable, look around, tell a friend that we are here by sharing the link to the website. Let's spread love because that is what house music is about, support one another, and continue to evolve this genre of music for future generations to come.

Musically Yours,

Sheree Hicks

(Owner & Founder of CSM)

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