Keeping My Composure Hits Traxsource on January 21st - very exciting!

Greetings to all of my supporters, family, friends and patrons from all over the world, and there are many of you! This is just an update to share with you how honored I'm am to have had so much support for the launching of my label. I am proud to say that the opening of was a complete success all because of YOU! I would like the thank all of my producers for such a huge release and for their dedication and top notch creativity and for following my lead on what was important to me in every aspect of this release.

Brian Pope was the mastermind behind the first ever Chic Soul Music release, "Keeping My Composure." Dj Sean Ali blessed us with a soulful mix that is so well received that edits have already been done to it and DJ Beloved's mix has been one of the mixes most played on internet radio shows, more than once inone set. All the mixes have been videoed by djs showing off their skills with the tune, it has been the most shared of my releases and the feedback has been positively through the roof. It has been such a task trying to figure out which oneto buy and play, so as it relates to sales, most sales have been of the bundle with all three of the mixes. There have also been fans quoting the lyrics to the song on social media so I have to give myself a pat on the back for digging deep enough to touch people with my story. To sum it all up, it has been a success and it now will be released to traxsource on Jan 21st.

Major love to my first dj for the, "Mix of the Week," with Detroit's Mr Tony Dennis. There has been major love shown to his mix, it has been shared repeatedly and fovorited by many. As of right now, Tony passes the torch to one of my favorite lady djs, Ms Shelli Diego of Virginia and it is spectacular. Get to know her through her style of play and her bio, she is Chic Soul Music APPROVED, and totally unforgettable.

As stated in my previous blog, all releases will be here for purchase first before going to any other download stores and soon you will see other music incorporated in the music store. Continue to spread the word and share the link as we build something that our genre of music, house music, can be proud of.

One Love and Musically Yours,

Sheree Hicks

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