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Sheree Hicks of Chic Soul Music

The CSM Love Language album was a complete success and I couldn't have asked for a better turn out and show of support. The location was "chic," the ambiance was on point, the music was hot and through the roof! DJ Beloved of NJ killed his set and had the crowd begging for more!

DJ Pope commanded the crowd with his skillful selections. Sean Ali was oozing with soul and got people in the mood for celebration. Vernell Byrd, set it off with a set that has been talked about ever since. Tony Jakks, Terence James and Wil Jakks commanded the B Room and had the crowd going with some intense house music energy and Sheree gave a show stopping performance for the audience as a way to just say Thank You as she sang many of her most familiar tunes.

Since then, she, along with DJ Pope released a spin off of the Love Language album, with doing a remix package for their remake of Phyllis Hyman's Living All Alone, and were fortunate enough to get a remix from DJ Spen and Gary Hudgins, which topped the charts and made a lot of noise. From that relationship became another release on Quantize records, as Sheree collaborated with David Anthony UK on his Emotive album, titled, "Let Love In."Within days, this release quickly rose and became a new favorite with supporters. Currently, on Making Moves Records, Sheree has the #4 record on traxsource called No Place Like Home with Fuminori of Japan, the Wipe the Needle Remix, is in great demand and on dancefloors and radio shows from around the world!

Now, to close out 2016, we are so happy to present the last release of 2016 for Chic Soul Music called Royal Love. Written, arranged and performed by Sheree Hicks, produced by Chicago's very own Sean Ali, and brand new into the CSM fold is producer VeneiGrette Galane out of South Africa. CSM is prideful about taking our releases to the next level and giving your more quality in every release. This time, we've also produced a music video which highlights what black love looks like because it needs to be seen much more often in the African American community as well as others.You'll see some familiar faces of house like Steve Miggedy Maestro, Lady LaRonda, Darryl DJ Forty Plus, Marta Hopkins and the talented Erika Jarvis. To bridge the gap, we utilized some of the younger talent out there, dancer Bre Monique and actor Ishmael Jamael. Royal Love puts you in a loving, blissful mood and we are confident that it will make a positive impact on the entire house music community, WORLDWIDE! We thank you for your patronage, and would appreciate you sharing the link, giving your comments and helping us get the word out there to keep house music alive and thriving. Kind Regards and Musically Yours,

Sheree Hicks

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