What's up to all of our CSM fans and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Chosen Few Picnic 2018

Here is an update from where we last left off, our final release that closed out 2018 was or first time CSM artist, Jaleal Meadows and it was the perfect way to introduce him to the house music scene! Our marquee artist and founder of Chic Soul Music, Sheree Hicks has been bringing on the noise and kicked the door down to open up 2018. The first release of the year was called Let Love IN, originally with Dave Anthony of the UK, but currently remixed by Terry Hunter, one of the Chosen Few DJs of Chicago. This tune locked in at #2 in the soulful house music charts on Traxsource in a matter of 3 days.

Next, she teamed with those NJ guys and released a tune called, "Addicted." The Jihad Muhammad Mix topped at #3 as well, and for the second time, Sheree had two top ten records simultaneously which is a major accomplishment! The remixes of Addicted by DJ Beloved and Reggie Steele found themselves in the top 15 as well. Needless to say that the entire EP was a huge success. Third, Sheree joined forces with Dave Anthony to recreate the classic hit by Diana Ross called, "The Boss." She found a way to uphold the integrity of this gem while making it her very own and it instantly went to the top, coming in at #3.

Just as Sheree was on a high from her first 3 release, she gets a call from Chosen Few's Alan King, making her aware that she had been one of the Chosen Artists to be featured at the festival they have that has been successful for over 25 years now. Sheree will be featured with the Chosen Few DJ's, The Baement Boys of Baltimore, DJ Spen, Teddy Douglas, & Karizma, Ralphi Rosario, as well as other featured artists who have yet to be named.

From this brings us to our very first release of CSM. Sheree Hicks, Sean Ali and Corey Munk Julious (Deep Sole Syndicate) have joined forces to recreate Children of the Ghetto. This tune is already highly anticipated and has rave reviews. The release date for Traxsource is for April 9, 2018 and we are ready the keep the music coming as long as we have your support which has been unwavering.

Also be on the look out for tunes from Sheree with production from Ian Friday, Kyle Kim, DJ Pope, BSoul, Chris Forman, Zephran Saint, Kenny Bobien and others just to name a few, as well as tapping into more new talent in the future. If you'd like to order CSM tees, just send an email to chicsoulmusic.com! Thanks again for your support.

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